Who Was Joseph Pilates

Who was Joseph Pilates?

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1880. In the year 1912 he moved to England and earned a living as a boxer, circus performer, and a self-defense trainer. In WWI he was sent to a camp in Lancaster where he trained other inmates about fitness and exercise. This was Pilates started.

It was 1925 when Joseph Pilates moved to the U.S. on a ship. This is where he met is future wife named Clara. In New York they started a studio and taught students until the 1960ís.

Pilates was an exercise that used the mind to control the muscles of the body. It focused on the core muscles of the abdomen and helped to keep the body balanced. A balanced body is going to provide support for the spine.

Pilates helps to learn awareness for breathing and alignment of the spine to put strength in the torso muscles. A strong core muscle can help to relieve the back and neck of any pain.

When Joseph Pilates was young he was sick and had asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever. It was after this time that he began to dedicate his life to better health and wanted to be stronger.

When he was 14 he was fit enough to post for anatomical charts because of his practicing of gymnastics and bodybuilding.

He also believed that the core of poor health was brought on from poor breathing and terrible posture. His practice of Pilates is without question the most popular form of exercise today.


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