Pilates Can Help The Disabled

Pilates Can Help the Disabled

Pilates is a form of about five hundred exercises that Joseph Pilates started and was inspired by calisthenics, yoga and ballet as well. These exercises worked to improve the flexibility, strength, and the balance the body has.

Pilates is not only a great physical experience that is designed to strengthen the body and the muscles of the core, it is also a spiritual experience in breathing as well. Good breathing will promote a better blood flow in the body.

Since the 1920ís when Joseph Pilates started the exercises to help injured athletes, dancers and later war veterans, Pilates has been adapted to help people of the average community.

Pilates is a non-aerobic form of exercises that will bring in strength to your concentration and focus. The movements are meant to be a lower impact form and focus you on the perfection of each movement instead of how many reps you do.

Pilates is a very low impact form of exercise and it is important that you have a pre-existing medical condition that you talk to your doctor first.

Pilates and the exercises that you learn will give you better flexibility and increase your muscle strength. You will also find that you are getting better abdominal strength, lower back strength as well as help for your hips and butt. They are considered to be your core muscles.

Another benefit of Pilates is that it balances the body and the muscle strength on both sides of the body and gives you more control of the back, arms and legs.

Another important advantage is that you will improve your stabilization of the spine, which gives greater awareness of posture and improved physical coordination and balance.

Pilates can help you to relax and put strength in the back, shoulders and neck too. Many of the doctors have come to find out that Pilates can help rehabilitate people with joint and spine injuries. The exercises need to be done correctly and this will help to prevent musculoskeletal problems later on.


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