The Life Of Pilates

The Life of Pilates

Joseph Pilates invented Pilates during WWI to improve the rehabilitation for the veterans that returned home. Joseph Pilates believed that both mental and physical health is important to everyone.

He said that some precise body motions could control and form an injured soldier. The movements were used to regain their health and give strength by stretching and stabilizing their main muscles in the body.

He made the Pilates Principles to help the whole body and get it put in proper alignment, centering, concentration, control and precision. Not only does it help the body but it helps breathing too.

The Pilates form is a physical fitness motion that Joseph Pilates developed in the early 20th century. 2005 has eleven million people using Pilate’s everyday.

There are also 14,000 instructors in the U.S. today. Pilates did believe that his method used the mind to control the muscles in the body. This program focuses on the core postural muscles that keep the body well balanced.

There are essential items that provide support for the spine and turn in supports to the whole body. Pilates educated awareness of breathing and the alignment of the spine and how to strengthen the muscles in the torso too.

Joseph Pilates was a legend in physical fitness and was born in Germany in 1880. When he was a child he was small and weak. He was fascinated with physical fitness that would make him very strong and more attractive.

He then became an accomplished skier, boxer and gymnast. In 1926 he and his wife opened their first studio in New York City. Many of their first clients were from a dancing background.


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