Are You A Portable Net Enthusiast

Are You a Portable Net Enthusiast?

If your answer to the above question was a resounding "YES" and you are looking for a way to enjoy internet access via a portable, handheld, device then it is time that you take a look at Sony's PlayStation Portable. As we've touched on before, the PSP doesn't do it all in your world, but it can certainly do enough to keep you busy on a short trip or between your college classes. In addition to all of that mumbo-jumbo, PSP can get you onto the World Wide Web in fine fashion while keeping you up-to-date on the world's issues! Here are a few ways to use the PSP browser:

> Are you a obsessed with sending text messages to everybody that you even remotely know? If so, then getting used to how to use the PSP keyboard to browse the internet will be an absolute breeze for you and those around you. The keying system is the same as each button has letters and numbers attached to it like "2" on your phone corresponds to "ABC". If you aren't obsessed with text messages but are hoping to use the PSP browser, Godspeed.
> Here is a tip to the wise out there about how to use the controls on the PSP browser ... make the D-Pad and square button your best friends, it will make a huge difference in your world. The square button scrolls down the page while the D-Pad acts more like a mouse in that it rolls over basically everything on the page as you continue to move it.
> If you choose to open more than one window at a time and are looking to toggle back and forth between different windows, just remember to hold down the square button and push the powerful buttons on the top of the device. PSP allows you to have up to three windows open at once in which to surf without losing your place. As we said, don't ever underestimate the power of the square key!


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