Are You Prepared For PSP

Are You Prepared for PSP?

Obviously you know your multimedia products and you have made the decision to go with a PlayStation Portable as your next gaming/video/audio/internet handheld provider, but do you know how your PSP works and what you need to work it? Nobody is telling you that you aren't ready for the PlayStation Portable, but let's be honest with each other; you are a little concerned that you can't handle the power of this little beauty. If you are one that is stricken with this concern then maybe it will help you in your trip to purchase a PSP if you read the following possibilities with the PSP.

A. Understand that it is possible for your PlayStation Portable to also be an MP3 player, but don't think that it will be tremendously easy if you just buy the box. You will have to invest in an accessory called the PSP USB cord so you can sync your PSP with your PC to be able to download music. Unless, of course, you master your PSP browser and download files straight from the internet to your handheld device.
B. With the same USB cord you can sync to your computer to transfer video files to your PSP to view at your leisure however you would like. The best handheld screen on the market will look good if you need to watch this week's "Gilmore Girls" while on the run. Certain television outlets like Tivo make it easy to transfer files to your computer, then making the syncing process even easier.
C. You are not going to like this, but if you want to store a decent amount of information on your PlayStation Portable then you will want to invest a decent amount in a good memory card. A few gigs will likely be needed to view any amount of good video footage so don't skimp on something cheap to try to beat the system, you will only get frustrated in the end.
D. Make sure that you take a little time to figure out how to use the PSP browser and try downloading a few RSS (Really Simple Syndication) files. These are the files used for podcasts, news clips, and video podcasts and enjoy an endless amount of video right from your PSP without any syncing!


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