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Have You Accessorized Your PSP?

So we all know by now what the PSP is and what it is capable of, but some owners still don't quite know what is available to them in terms of accessorizing their PSP. You can do a good number of things with your PSP just as it comes in the original box, but take full advantage of what is available at almost every electronics retailer in the world and accessorize! The following is a few quick items that you will need in addition to what comes in your original PSP box:

* You do not want to be caught with your PSP and no memory card to backup your progress in a game or save a music or video file to your device. Some memory cards come with as little as 32MB while others will ring in with a few GB, meaning you can play and play with little worries. Trust the hardcore gamers on this one; don't be without a memory card!
* Don't even let yourself be disappointed, go ahead and invest in some speakers before you get started with your PSP. If viewing movies, listening to music, or playing games with important music makes a difference to you then don't even listen to the factory speakers, they will only disappoint. Some sets can be purchased that hook right to the top of the device without ruining any of the "portable" experience.
* Do yourself a favor and get a screen "skin" to protect your video screen from all of the potential scratches and stains it could face with a regular day's work. Scratches, stains, and the like will make your PSP look aged before it actually is and ruin your viewing and playing experience before it even gets started.
* Forget about purchasing an extra MP3 player for your musical needs, be that in the car or while walking around the house, the PSP can support all the audio files you want and act as whatever you want it to be! Make sure you have the memory cards that were mentioned before and don't stop downloading until you are personally satisfied with the performance of your PSP overall.


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