Transfer Your DVDs To Your PSP

Transfer Your DVDs to Your PSP

Those that purchase the PSP may have a specific reason in mind as to why they need or want to play with the PSP, but not many know of its actual power as a multimedia device. You surely know about its power as a video gaming system, you likely know about its ability to play movies for purchase at electronics retailers, and you may know about its power as a web browser. However, the PSP can also be your hub for your movie collection as you have the power to transfer all of your DVDs to PSP format. Here is a three step process to getting started:

1) Just as you would do if you were transferring your audio files to an MP3 player, you must first "rip" the movie to your computer's hard drive with a "decrypter". There are a bevy of places online to purchase "decrypting" software to be able to complete this process, just type in the words and make Google do the rest! This is an absolutely integral part to the process of transferring a DVD to PSP format.
2) PSP Video 9 or a similar software is the way that your PSP will read a DVD so you must get it to that format, meaning you need to download that to your PC as well. The best way to describe this is that the original format of your DVD is not supported by your PSP, so you must get it to the format that is supported by a PSP, meaning PSP Video 9, or a plethora of other software options.
3) Find a professional tutorial to help you get through the process step-by-step for at least your first DVD transfer, if not a few more. While this is a great feature of the PSP that is very exciting to think about, it is certainly not the easiest process to master, so let the experts teach you a little something!
4) Start enjoying the ability to watch your DVD collection wherever you may go on the road, be it in the car or on the plane, this will change the way you travel!


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