Does Your Mac Transfer DVD To PSP

Does Your Mac Transfer DVD to PSP?

Wow, that may be the most ridiculous looking title ever, but I do think you get the point, you are about to learn something very important if you are both a Mac owner and a PSP owner. If you are ready to transfer your video of old "Saved by the Bell" episodes from your video library into a file that can be viewed on your PSP, but can only find tutorials on how to do so from a PC then pull up a chair. The following will run you through a few basic steps to get started on transferring your video from your tapes or DVDs to your Mac and eventually your PSP.

1. Do an extensive internet search with the help of your friends at Google and Yahoo to find a free piece of software called DVDBackup. Download this program as it will be the tool you need to get your software from your DVD to your Mac before moving on to the next stage of the process. "Rip" your files (copy them to your Mac) to a specific folder that you will remember and prepare to move on to the next stage of the process.
2. Go back to your search engine buddies and find another piece of software referred to as HandBrake. With HandBrake you will have a program that will be able to transfer your movie file into one place that can then be transferred into the correct form for PSPWare to be able to use. This is kind of a condenser stage as the files you ripped to your computer are being prepped for viewing on your PSP in one neat little file.
3. Once you have ripped the file from your DVD to your Mac, labeled your file, and placed it in a file that you will be able to come back to you are basically ready to view the video on your PSP. Just sync the PSP with your Mac and watch the files fly into place for your viewing pleasure!


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