Surfing Your PSP

Surfing Your PSP

Since there is a nearly endless list of things that you CAN do with your PSP, we thought we'd give you a few things that you CAN'T do with a PSP to get started. You can't call your mom for advice on your relationship with your significant other, you can't order a #3 with no pickles from the wonder that is McDonald's on your PSP, and you cannot lose a tremendous amount of weight without changing your eating habits. Now that we have all of that out of the way it is time for us to move on to what you can do with your PSP, most specifically, the PSP web browser.

* Don't fool yourself into believing that with the PSP web browser you can surf as easily and comprehensively as you can with your internet explorer, but it is better than any other handheld device. If some sites don't look just as they do at home then rest easy in that it is not a problem with your PSP, some sites don't have special settings for the PSP just yet. However, as the popularity of the PSP web browser grows expect this to change.
* If you have a favorite Burger King or Starbucks where you like to take your laptop to do some studying or the like then now you can take your PSP and enjoy it all you want. The PSP uses an 802.11b wireless standard, which is compatible with most major wireless connections you will find away from home, be it the airport or the hotel.
* Being the tech savvy genius that you are you are likely prepared to take advantage of the PlayStation Portable's ability to play video or audio from internet producers. The beauty of this is that whether or not you are at home, as long as you have wireless access you have the ability to download any kind of entertainment that you like!

So, yes you can't order dinner, talk to ma, or enjoy one phenomenal diet, but you can certainly enjoy media or gaming in a whole new way!


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