The Power Of The PSP

The Power of the PSP

Honestly, when the Atari or Nintendo system first came out did you really think it was possible that your gaming experience could get hundreds of times better while fitting in the palm of your hand? Well, since you aren't sitting next to me I don't know what your answer was, but few could have expected the power that would one day reside in such a device as Sony's golden child, the PlayStation Portable. There is definitely no shortage of the possibilities with the PSP, here are just a few things for you to consider before you decide on purchasing a PSP:

> PSP is above all a gaming system that puts better graphics and game play in front of you than any other handheld gaming device in the history of the industry. You are playing on a small LCD screen that has just enough wide screen to make the experience come alive while relying on the massive library of PlayStation gaming titles to win over the consummate gamer.
> You can purchase movies at your local retailer or simply transfer your DVDs at home to the PSP format and watch them wherever you go. Sure, this will require another small investment in a memory card, but it is worth it for the ability to enjoy this entertainment on the go!
> Forget about spending extra dollars on an MP3 player or iPod, the PSP can play music files just like any of those, but you may want to invest in some ear pieces or extra speakers. The PSP comes with built-in speakers of course, but they are far from impressive on their own.
> If you want to be able to surf the web from anywhere with a small handheld device then the PSP may be a great option for you to do so. The screen is extremely impressive and the tools to help you navigate are second to none in the industry!
> Team up with yet another technological wonder and sync your PSP with Tivo to be able to watch your shows regardless of where you go. Imagine, watching a classic rerun of "Dawson's Creek" while you wait for the Slipknot concert to start!


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