Tivo And PSP

Tivo and PSP: A Marriage Made in Heaven

Before there was Tivo we can only assume that we watched television in a time that was more like Fred Flintstone's world as we fought with the family T-Rex in an effort to watch our favorite shows. Life was a much simpler time then, but we can all agree that nowadays we have a much better grasp on how to entertain ourselves than in any previous generation. Since Tivo came along the way we watch television has constantly evolved until we have reached this place, watching recorded television on a handheld device like Sony's PlayStation Portable. It is as easy as 1-2-3!

1) Don't waste your time with any other Tivo than the Tivo Series 2 as no other Tivo box will support the "TivoToGo" software that makes this all possible. With this software you must have a home network connection for your Tivo Series 2 so you can send the program information directly from your Tivo to your PC without any middle men. Once you have a Tivo Series 2 DVR, the "TivoToGo" software, and a home network connection then you are ready for step 2.
2) Get Tivo Desktop Version 2.3a for Windows so your computer can automatically begin transferring the video files from your Tivo to your PSP while you sleep overnight. This is a lengthy process that Tivo understands you won't want to do while you are awake, so do yourself a favor and get this on your PC to save yourself a little time and a lot of frustration.
3) Let Tivo help you move your PC files to your PSP as they have great tutorials to walk you through each and every step along the way. In addition to your video, Tivo will show you how to view pictures and music files on your television without ever leaving the comfort of your recliner!

Now, think back to the first time you or your family purchased a television with a remote, forever changing the way you got from one show to the next during good television nights. This will revolutionize the way you watch television more than that did ... believe it!


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