The Power In Public Relations

The Power in Public Relations

Public relations sectors have control over information and they manage it the way that they see fit. This gives them power. Max Weber once said “In facing” the house of representatives, “ a bureaucracy, through sure power instinct, fights every attempt of the parliament to obtain knowledge.”

These words are very true. Due to these words, and many other facts, the world is circling fast into the field of information to work on public relations.

It is a fact that having knowledge gives you power and many public relations officers think this as well. Contrary to what they think, with no knowledge, the administrative officers are not going to succeed in the system and it will get lest powerful with time.

Relationships that are complicated that have public relations skills are stronger. In public relations on the educational level, superintendents on the school board will have more say than educational officers among the larger cities.

The superintendents in the suburban areas have less control. On the same note, managers in larger cities have more power than the managers in smaller towns. There is no being wrong when saying that knowledge is power!

We see power that famous people have all the time. Some include Martin Luther King Jr. and Bill Clinton. They made a difference in the world by showing what they know with knowledge.

Another person that made a difference was Woodrow Wilson. He began the foundation for early public relations. In the early days, Wilson pointed out that building resources could get larger and start to strengthen the public relations.


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