The Big Blow Against Stage Fright

The big blow against stage fright

Speaking is easy, but public speaking is a pain for those who are shy types. Self-confidence matters a lot, and when you have this, it is a total advantage. If you think you do not have it, it is never too late. There are things you could do so that you would be able to gradually have the courage to speak in front of an audience.

* Speak with people.

Public speaking could be garnered not only by talking with a huge crowd; it could be enhanced through simple acts like going out, talking to new people. Simple as it may seem, you could let yourself do this and enhance public speaking skills.

* Remind yourself that you are the speaker and, you are the best.

Being positive would lead you to the room of great delivery of your speech. As you face the audience, tame the butterflies in your stomach. Remember that you are the one who would speak to them and that you are a reliable person.

* Dress and speak

See to it that you dress up appropriately and comfortably. When you feel good on how you look, you would be confident to face people and talk.

* Be punctual

Arrive early, as much as possible go to the venue earlier than the audience. As you arrive there, look around and feel the audience as if they are around. This move would help you feel relaxed.

* Sip. Breath. Pause.

There may be moments when you would feel that your throat dries up, take a sip of water. When you feel like running out of breath due to nervousness, breath deeply. When you feel like gathering your thoughts, pause and think. But of course do these discreetly.

* Move and move your audience

To express more and appeal to the senses of your audience, gestures are the solutions. But, you have to know when is best to apply them.

* Practice more.

Grab every chance to speak in front of the public. It would be your polishing board.


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