Having the sun shinning on our body is something that will keep us happy and healthy. If you are concerned about your skin, you should know that the sun can do damage on your body too. The UV Index is something that most people have heard about and know that UV rays can cause skin damage and even cancer in some people. When you know and understand how the UV index works, you will have a good idea of the suns effects and what you can do to protect your skin and body in the best way.

UV rays are also known as ultraviolet rays. They can damage your skin and eyes and we have to be worried about this so that we wear protective clothing and use sunscreen and sunglasses to stay safe in the summer and in the winter months. In the last few decades, the UV index has been included in many of the weather reports in order to help people see the strength of ultraviolet rays that come from the sun on any day.

You need to first of all realize that the readings are taken at noon so the numbers are at their peak. This means that the sun's rays are not always as harmful as what you see on the weather reports. This does not man that you should not wear sunscreen all the time. However you should not worry about the sun so much that you do not even go outside. The sun can be very healthy and uplifting for our body as well.

The UV index is going to read the sun's effect with numbers and zero is the lowest. On many days, the UV index will be between zero and ten. A reading that is higher than ten will mean that it is more dangerous and this would be especially for anyone with fair skin. Being safe with sunscreen every time you go outside no matter what the reading is will help protect you. Zero to two is the "minimal" UV index rating and three or four means the danger is "low". Having a 5 or 6 will show that "moderate" dangers are present and a seven to ten is "high" danger. Anything that is above ten is "very high." You need to think about staying indoors if the reading is going to reach above ten.

The UV index is very useful because it is going to measure not only the heat from the sun but also the ozone, clouds, haze and pollution in any area on any day. These things are going to block out some of the dangers in the rays so a UV index will measure more than just how nice and sunny it is outdoors. You need to know that it is crucial that you protect your skin from the sun as well as make sure that you are catching some of the beautiful sunshine as often as you can.


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