Concerns About Stun Guns

Concerns about Stun Guns

A stun gun is not going to be lethal but there are many concerns over them as a weapon of self-defense.

There are many concerns because of how the weapon is used in some circumstances. There are also many health concerns due to the use of the gun.

The makers of the stun gun give instructions and warnings about the prolonged exposure to the current of electricity that is given off by the stun gun.

The U.N. Committee against Torture says that the actual use of stun guns can be a form of torture because of the pain that they will bring to the victim and reports of death in some cases.

Stun guns are banned because of how people abuse them. There are many cases of people using them excessively to the point of torture. This is going to inflict great pain and this is very inappropriate.

Stun guns do not leave marks like hitting so many people abuse this type of protection weapon.

There are doubts of how effective the stun guns are going to be for a self-defense weapon. Many will carry the stun guns or even a taser with them for any type of defending purposes. However most people do not have the right training that is required to use them.

People should learn about where to use the stun gun on a person and how long to keep it there. When a person does not have the right training, the user might have the weapon removed from them, broken, or even hurt them with it.


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