How To Pick The Right Stun Gun

How to Pick the Right Stun Gun

Many people today want to be protected each time they leave their home. For this protection they are choosing stun guns. Stun gun sales are increasing over the past few years.

Many people either do not want to carry a real gun or are not allowed to have a real gun. For this case, that is why they are choosing to buy the stun guns to carry around with them.

You should first make sure that you know the local law in your area regarding stun guns. Some cities and states are passing a law that prohibits stun guns.

You should also know what you are allowed to purchase before you do so. This will save you some time and money in the end if you end up using the stun gun on an attacker.

Knowing what to look for in a stun gun will help you make your decision as well. You want one that is very effective but that will not cause a fatal reaction.

Volts in the stun gun are important too. Most of the time you want to get a stun gun with a minimum of 180,000 volts. You may want to get more if you want to be sure that your attacker will go down with the first jolt.

The way that the stun gun works is going to depend on what the attacker is wearing, if they are on any drugs or alcohol or if they are having psychotic problems.

There are many models of stun guns to choose from. Some are priced from as low as fifty dollars and they can go up to around seventy-five dollars depending on what you want.

Stun guns are not heavy and will usually weight around a few ounces to one pound. They will also need to have a 9-volt battery installed for them to work. Some stun guns resemble a cell phone or flashlight for added protection.


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