How To Use A Stun Gun

How to Use a Stun Gun

You must know more knowledge about how to use a stun gun than just carrying it around in your pocket. You have to spend some time checking information out and learning about the different types of guns out there and what you can use. You should also learn about what to do if you are ever actually attacked.

The stun guns of today are going to be battery operated. They will use electrical currents to take down the attacker or temporarily disable them for up to thirty minutes. Interrupting their nervous impulses that control the way they move does this.

Many people will have painful muscle spasms and be left paralyzed for a short time. This is a great method of protection on attackers.

The instructions for a stun gun are usually quite simple. You need to stay calm and focus on what you have to do. When you are leaving your car, you need to hold the stun gun in your hand. Turn the stun gun on before you get out of your vehicle so that you all you have to do is pull the trigger in case of an attack.

Be sure the prongs are not facing you. Never touch any part of the prongs. This current could end up getting you and paralyzing you for a short time.

Keep the gun against the attackers hip or shoulder area before you pull the trigger. These are the best muscles in the body to hit because they are the most sensitive. You should then hold the trigger down at least until the attacker falls to the ground. This may take up to thirty seconds. You need to be persistent because when they are down you will have enough time to get away from them.

After this happens you should call 911 to report the attack. This will help to make sure that the police make it to the attacker before they are able to run away.


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