Kinds Of Stun Guns

Kinds of Stun Guns

There are different types of stun guns out there to check out. It is going to come down to what you feel comfortable with and what will work for your needs.

The standard stun gun is going to be rather simple. They are about the size of a regular flashlight and will work on a regular 9-volt battery. This kind of stun gun will get its electric from the battery. It is going to be distributed to the different electrical parts. The standard type of stun gun will have small electrodes at the bottom of it where the current let go.

A stun gun is like a cattle prod. They will use the electrical current that works from two electrodes on the end of it. The cattle prod works a different use.

The cattle prod will cause pain. The charge is intended to not interrupt the nervous system but to get the person or the animal in motion. The difference is going to be the voltage on them. The voltage on the cattle prod is lower and it is only used to shock and not to stun the victim.

Another type is the taser gun. It is going to work about the same way but the electrodes are not joined to the housing. They are situated a different way at the end of the wires for conduction.

When you pull the trigger, it will release the electrode and shoot it at the target. The wires are still attached to the housing unit. The electrodes have small barbs on them that will grab on to the attackers clothing. This current will go down the wire and into the attacker. It will stun him the same way and the on advantage is that the attacker will be kept at a safe distance. This would be a good 15-20 feet.


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