Learning About Cell Phone Stun Guns

Learning about Cell Phone Stun Guns

One type looks just like a camera phone but offers so much more than that. It gives you great protection that is actually 950,000 volts of stun gun!

You will have the power on anyone that tries to attack you because of the discreet appearance. You will also have a 12 LED flashlight right there for added help when you are left in the dark.

There is 950,000 volts of stun gun in this cell phone and it is one of the biggest sellers on the market today. It is very real looking and no one will be able to tell it is a stun gun. You will be able to defend yourself no matter what.

You can test this awesome cell phone stun gun to see what kind of power it has. There is a bright crackle that will go at the top of the phone stun gun and it will create a loud sound that will frighten any attacker. If that does not do the trick, the 950,000 volts going through their body most certainly will!

There are safety precautions that will keep an accident away. There is a safety switch that must be on so that the LED warning light will turn on and this will mean that the trigger button will have to be pushed down before the stun gun phone will work.

This great stun gun is going to use 3 CR2 lithium batteries. You need to remember that it is not actually a cell phone so you cannot make any calls on it. This piece is only a stun gun and it is exactly what you need for protection at a mere seventy dollars.


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