The Tiniest Stun Gun

The Tiniest Stun Gun

The smallest stun gun that you will find in the world today is the mini stun gun. It is a little bit bigger than three inches in length and two inches wide. It will be about three quarters inches in diameter and it is going to give of around one million volts of electricity.

This stun gun will use a 3-volt lithium batter and you can upgrade to a rechargeable one for a few extra dollars. This is going to save you around fourteen dollars, which is the cost of the batteries. The mini stun gun is actually a little smaller than a regular pack of cigarettes.

The voltage is going to allow faster paralyzation of the attacker but it will mean that the current is going to go through any amount of layers of clothing.

There are going to be 1,000,000 volts in this small stun gun. That is amazing for such a small piece.

You can simply test fire a mini stun gun and see how it is going to scare an attacker. If the sound and the sight from this gun do not scare the attacker, then the jolt that it gives off surely will.

Because it is the smallest stun gun, it can fit into a cigarette box for hiding. It can also go into a pocket or a purse easily. Many women will carry one in their purse that is already filled to the top with all their other essentials. There is not usually any extra room for a heavy and larger self-defense stun gun.

Due to the stun gun being so small, it is also great for a man. It will fit into their jean pocket or even a shirt pocket. It is going to be great for anyone that is always on the go. The smallest stun gun is going to work great for anyone that goes on late walks, takes the dog out at all hours, or jogs in the park.


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