The Use Of Stun Guns

The Use of Stun Guns

A stun gun can be a very useful weapon when it is used correctly. It is going to give an electrical shock to the muscle of a person that it is applied to and will usually keep them down for about thirty minutes.

The taser will projectile the shock and the stun gun is going to be a hand held weapon that will cause a shock by using direct contact to the person.

Stun guns are going to have a high volt of low current of electricity. It will soak through clothing and into the skin to temporarily knock the attacker down by paralyzing their muscles.

The attacker will feel pain and will not be able to move. There are going to be more sensitive spots on different people and will cause them more pain.

There are tests that show the best place on the body to hit with a stun gun is the upper shoulder, under the rib cage, and the top part of the hip. This is going to shock the muscles and make the body twitch or go into muscle spasms.

Safety on the stun gun is going to depend on the person using it and the person that is receiving the hit. There are many concerns over the use of a stun gun but overall they can safe someone from an attacker.

The set up is pretty simple and is based on an oscillator, resonant circuit and a set up transformer. This is what will cause the direct and continuation of the high voltage current.

One or more batteries usually power the stun gun. The power of the current is going to be dependant on the recipient’s resistance, skin type, moisture, type of clothing, and the condition of the battery.

A shock that lasts about a half of second will cause terrible pain and muscle spasms. This is going to startle a person. It will usually cause the person to be confused and hit the ground. It can drop the attacker and keep him they’re for many seconds giving you time to get away.


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