What Are Liquid Stun Guns

What are Liquid Stun Guns?

A new form of defense in stun guns on the market today is the liquid stun guns. They are going to work just about the same way that the regular stun gun or taser gun does. However instead of using current, a liquid will shoot out of the gun and onto the attacker.

The gun is going to be hooked to a tank that is filled with conductive liquid. This will usually be a mix of water, salt or any other type of conductive elements. The trigger will then be pulled and the electrical current will move pass the gun and through the liquid stream and onto the attacker.

The liquid stun gun will have a longer firing range than the normal stun or taser guns will have. They can also be shot more than just one time.

One problem with the liquid stun gun is that they are heavier and they will be more awkward because of the liquid.

The portable models of the liquid stun gun are going to have a back mounted tank that will hold the liquid. The vehicle mount guns are going to use mounted water cannons. The portable type will use the same basic principal as a super soaker water gun that is sold on the market for children’s use.

Many people want to have a stun gun and the numbers are increasing since the law and military are now in need of the weapons too. This is due to the fact that they are not fatal.

Many people are also concerned about their own security and want to feel safe with a stun gun when they go out. Most families are not comfortable with carrying a real gun around with them.

Technology is wonderful and always coming up with something new. They are finding easier and more effective ways of protection all the time.


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