What Makes A Stun Gun Work

What Makes a Stun Gun Work?

Most of us have seen the way that the stun gun is used in movies and on the TV. However many have wandered just what makes this stun gun work?

It is very interesting to learn about how such a small device can take down an attacker and possibly save your own life. They are great technology and a great weapon for defense.

Many people really do carry stun guns. Many police, soldiers, and even regular people walking around our towns carry these great tools of technology.

Stun guns can offer protection but at the same time they are designed to temporarily take down the attacker but leave no permanent damage.

They are not perfect but they can help to save your life in some cases. However it is important to remember that electricity can severely hurt or even kill someone.

When lightening hits a person, it can cause terrible damage. Electricity of any kind when entered into the body can be fatal, but the stun gun will offer it in a much smaller dose.

Signals of electricity will send a message from your brain to your body that will tell it of an important job. The idea of the stun gun is to take over that electrical current.

These stun guns work by using a higher voltage with a low amp of electrical current. The current of electricity will have al of pressure but not a whole lot of intensity. The current will not leave permanent damage to the attacker.

When the stun gun is pushed against the attacker, the charge will go through their body. The voltage will pass through the clothing and the skin. It will give the attacker the sensation of being confused and will not let the nervous system work the way that it usually does. This will cause the person to twitch and possibly go into a short-term spasm.


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