Where Will I Find The Best Teddy Bears?

The search for the best teddy bear, does not end at one certain destination. It is more a personal search to find the teddy bear that is best for you. What others find adorable in a teddy bear, may not be the same characteristics you look for. Many teddy bear lovers find it difficult to decide on just one bear to adopt. They choose to open their hearts, and their homes, to several teddy bears.

You can see a wonderful collection at: www.bearhollow.net. This collector has opened every room in her home, and some outdoor areas, to her extended bear family. There are a few rooms just for the teddy bears. There are several sites like this one, and you may visit them to see what a great idea teddy bear collecting can be.

When you are looking for that special bear you have an obligation to yourself to take a look at the sites of teddy bear artists. These talented artists design and make teddy bears from scratch. So many of the bears they offer have a their own unique look and personality. The teddy bears on, www.tbears.de, are the some of the most expressive, unique teddy bears you will find anywhere. The Lovable Fellows are one-of-a-kind or limited editions. Hours are spent creating each bears face. This gives each bear his own personality traits. If you want to adopt one of these Lovable Fellows you should check them out quickly. Most of the teddy bears on this site have already been adopted. At, www.theoriginalpakabear.com, the Paka Bears are made from super soft, natural Alpaca. Each bear is handmade and unique. The teddy bears come in many different colors and some of them are multi-colored. This site is a must-see.

When you step into the website at, www.settlerbears.com.au, you will see a great number of unique teddy bears based on the Outback, the Great Dividing Ranges, the Great Barrier Reef, the Rainforests and other areas in Australia. This site offers teddy bear collections, as well as, other beary interesting stuffed friends.

The web site, www.designsbyterri.com, is a fantastic place to find miniature teddy bears. Domino, is a 2 3/4" tall bent knee bear of black and white, made of upholstery velvet. This tiny teddy comes with his own die cast, taxi pedal car.

Another site to see when it comes to one of a kind teddies is, www.tailoredteddies.com. This site has many fantastic bears and is one you don't want to miss.

Not only can you find that special bear on one of these sites, you may want to try your hand at making your own teddy bear.

You will find pattern packs with instructions, nut and bolt joints, 1 pair of eyes, and a complete materials list at: http://www.christiebears.co.uk/acatalog/Patterns.html. Materials and accessories for bear making are also available on this site.

Teddy bear patterns, with complete material list, can be purchased for $10 each at: http://www.judilynndesigns.com/Rumbles.html.

You will find teddy patterns, kits, and materials for making teddy bears if you go to: www.admiral-bears.com.


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