Will My Vitamin Supplements Cause Side Effects?

If you are wondering about the good that vitamins and minerals can do for you, you should know that vitamins can get you far. Your body can produce many of the things that you need to survive, but your body cannot make vitamins and minerals. However, your body desperately needs vitamins and minerals. Even though your body does not produce them itself, it can get them from the food that you eat. If you eat a balanced meal that contains food from all of the food groups, your body is going to be able to glean just the perfect amount of vitamins and minerals from the food and use them to do the jobs that they were intended to do. However, if you for some reason cannot get enough of the vitamins and minerals from your food, you are going to have to get them elsewhere. You might not be aware of it, but there are supplements that you can take that contain the recommended daily amounts of the nutrients that your body needs.

However, if you take too many of the vitamins that your body needs, and you end up with too much of a certain substance in your system, it might be that there are side effects that you had never even thought of before. This happens when someone takes too much of a certain nutrient, thinking that if some is good for them, more much certainly be better for them. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. In situations like this, if some is good, then some is all you need. Taking too much of a good thing, when it comes to nutritional supplements, can actually be very harmful for you.

If you are taking large doses of some of the vitamins, you will be seeing side effects. It tends to be that the side effects increase in severity with each increase in the amount you put into your body. It is very unlikely that you will see these side effects if you are getting your nutrients from your food, but if you are taking supplements, you might be able to see the side effects. Some of them, such as nausea, diarrhea and vomiting, are obvious signs that you have taken too much. However, the good news is that unlike the side effects that are found with drugs, side effects from taking too much of a certain vitamin or mineral supplements will usually not cause you lasting or permanent damage. Instead, they will fade away when you have stopped taking too much of the nutrient.


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