Livin' On The Edge: The Dangers Of Vitamin Supplements

Even though vitamins are generally good for you, and you might have no cause to think that there may be dangers associated with using too much vitamin supplement or too many vitamins, there are certain dangers that might come along with using too much in general. If you are going to be responsible and truly understand what you are putting in your body, you should know that indeed too many vitamins and supplements might actually cause you problems. However, it is important to know how much you should be using at any given time. Dangerous results are real.

For instance, if you have too much vitamin D in your system, you might be causing yourself kidney damage. Vitamin D is generally good for you, so it is simply a matter of knowing your limits and knowing how much you should take. Don't think that just because the supplement bottle says to take one a day that you will be better off or increase the results you want by taking more than that. That is simply not true - you will actually be causing yourself harm if you take more than you are supposed to be taking. Vitamin A commonly has the same results. Liver damage is very series and can cause many other problems, resulting in death.

If you are taking regular doses of niacin, you should know that you might experience flushing and stinging of the skin. This is natural, and a side effect that can be managed. However, if you take too much niacin, you might be causing heart and liver problems for yourself. Once again, it's simply an issue of only taking the recommended amount.

Mineral supplements can be dangerous too. Even if you are just increasing some of your mineral intact by a modest amount, you might be finding that this is leading to imbalances in your body's ability to use other types of minerals. If you take more than just 5 times the recommended doses of supplements such as iron, chromium, zinc or selenium, it can actually be a toxic event for your body. Almost every kind of vitamin and mineral can end up being toxic if you take too much.

Therefore, you should know that while vitamins and supplements are generally good for you, there are many times that these could actually become harmful, especially if you take more than is recommended to take during the day. For those reasons, you should simply be careful to only take what is recommended each day, and not more.


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