Cues From Kirstie Alley: The Jenny Craig Diet

Although the Jenny Craig weight loss system has been around sine the 1980s, it has recently skyrocketed back into the public eye, due to the new celebrity spokesperson, Kirstie Alley. Alley lost almost 100 pounds using his diet, so if you are looking for a great way to lose weight, this might be perfect for you.

The Jenny Craig diet and weight loss program is centered on the ideas that if you have a more healthy relationship with food, you can control your eating habits and have a more active life. The key to Jenny Craig is learning about good nutrition choices and portion control. According to the program, the diets used with Jenny Craig are set according to standards set up by the United States government and dieticians from around the world.

When you're on the Jenny Craig diet, you'll pay for Jenny Craig's special foods. Each participant gets a set of pre-packed single servings that can be microwaved or quickly made in a traditional open. These servings include both meals and snacks. You will also receive guidelines on other foods to purchase to supplement your diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables and low-fat milk. The program is set up for your to eat these foods until you meet most of your weight loss goal; then, you may again begin introducing regular foods into your life once again. After four more weeks, you'll be able to completely control your own diet.

The Jenny Craig weight loss program doesn't tell you to give up the foods you love-it just tells you to eat everthing in moderation and relative to how good t is for you. This program also advocates exercise and participants are encouraged to hit the gym at last five days a week and to be more active whenever possible.

If you join Jenny Craig's plan, you'll get an amazing support system with your own personal consultant. Your consultant will work with you at a Jenny Craig center face-to-face or talk to you on Jenny Direct, a telephone hotline. You'll review with your consultant your week's plans and the previous week's failures and successes. Many of these consultants are past clients, but they are usually not dieticians or doctors.

Jenny Craig doesn't work for everyone, but many, including Alley, have found success. They program costs $30-65 a month, depending on how much weight you want to lose. Talk to a doctor before starting any new weight loss program, as always.


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