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Corum (watchmakers)
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Corum is a Swiss watch manufacturer based in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Corum, a Swiss watch manufacturer which ranks amongst the most prestigious in the world. Founded in 1956 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the Corum brand achieved prominence because of its simple philosophy--"superb craftsmanship combines with the endless search for beauty and innovation." This initial commitment to excellence still prevails today.

Now, more than 45 years after the founder's dream gave rise to the venerable Corum name, another watch industry visionary, Severin Wunderman, has taken the helm as the new owner of the company.

Creating a new phase in Corum's history, his designs have already been hailed by the press as "youthful, dynamic and daring." Under Sevein Wunderman's vigilant guidance these unparalleled designs continue to flow from the company's headquarters.

Preserving the company's tradition of precision craftsmanship, as well as keeping a keen eye on the future, Severin Wunderman intends that Corum remains on the cutting edge of luxury Swiss watchmaking.

The teaching of this master profoundly influenced the young man and proved to be of great help to him in later years, particularly during the difficult time of the Great Depression. Once his training was completed, he worked as master horologist in seve-ral local factories. The economic crisis forced com-panies to drastically reduce production, certain of them closing down entirely. It is at this time that Louis Cottier decided to go into business on his own, working for 13 years in the back room of a book and stationery shop which his wife operated at rue Vautier 45 in Carouge. In this modest atelier he began his activity as a maker of desk clocks, pocket Corum watches, wristwatches and hand-made pro-totypes. In the beginning, he made wristwatches without hands, and watches with jumping digital hours, as well as watches with automata and jacque-marts. It was in this workshop that his first World Time pocket watch was made in 1931 for Beszan-ger, a well-known local jewelry and watch shop.